About the owner

Lee-Ann Läufs

Lee-Ann owned her own catering business for 12 years. When social media emerged as more than a passing trend, she took to it seamlessly, marketing her business successfully. However, managing the administrative aspects of the business, attending to the practical catering tasks and running the social media platforms became exceptionally difficult.

Ultimately, Lee-Ann had to decide where her heart lay. Following her passion for marketing, she sold the catering business and studied marketing through UCT’s Get Smarter programme. She has been in the social media marketing game since 2017. Marketing is about consistency, routines, schedules, and hitting the right target market on an ongoing basis. Lee-Ann is here to help you understand what is needed from you and your business to have a successful marketing strategy.

Lee-Ann is incredibly lively and energetic when it comes to both life and business. She enjoys her marketing role immensely and is fervent about ensuring that her clients obtain maximal brand exposure.